FFL Registry: Request Access as a valid 01, 02, or 07 FFL Dealer or Manufacturer

The FFL Registry allows you to customize your entry beyond the information automatically provided by the ATF. You can enhance your FFL Registry entry with your Website URL, store hours, transfer fees, company description, and modify the way your contact information is displayed. To do this, please enter the information requested and we will e-mail you login credentials which will allow you to maintain your entry. Registering converts your entry to a [Preferred] listing. These listings appear first in search results and on firearms related sites that utilize our database.

Enter your license number. We only use this information to check against the BATFE database to verify that you are a valid licensee. We do NOT display your complete license number to the public and we do not request that you enter the entire license number to register. Furthermore, your e-mail address will not be displayed in search results. We will only use your e-mail address to periodically remind you to confirm your information.

We only accept type 01, 02, and 07 licenses in our Registry.

*FFL License
*E-mail Address
*Company Name