Welcome to the FFL Registry

In the United States modern firearms must be shipped to a holder of a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). Finding a holder of a valid FFL can sometimes be challenging depending on where you live, what firearm you're trying to transfer, and what you may or may not know about firearms rules, laws, and regulations - particularly because they can vary from county-to-county, not just state-to-state. Furthermore, until the creation of the FFL Registry there was no single source for all holders of valid type 01, 02, and 07 FFLs where each holder could manage their listing in a public setting.

This site is dedicated to providing a comprehensive search / finder / registry / directory / list / database of valid type 01, 02, or 07 FFL dealers. Our site is regularly updated with data provided directly from the ATF. By registering with the FFL Registry you will have direct access to your listing to enhance it with additional information such as hours of operation, transfer fees, company description, and other contact information.

Joining the FFL Registry is an easy way to get your business listed in our directory for additional Web-based visibility to as broad a US audience as possible. Our database is populated using data directly from the ATF and is enhanced by the holders of valid type 01, 02, and 07 FFLs. There can be a slight delay between when you are first assigned your FFL and when it automatically appears in the FFL Registry. If your record is not appearing in our database please register with us. We will get your listing entered as soon as we validate your information.

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