Raymond Cavaliere
Sterling Gunsmith

Mound Rd
North of 16 Mile Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48310
(586) 604-5977 (Phone)
FFL License: 4 - 38 - ### - ## - ## - 04900
FFL License Type: 01 - Dealer [Preferred]
License Expires: 09/01/2018
Store Hours: 6pm - 9pm Monday thru Friday
Long Gun Fee: $25.00 Rifles and Shotguns
Hand Gun Fee: $25.00 Pistols and Revolvers for CPL Holders
NICS Gun Fee: $30.00 Pistols and Revolvers for Non-CPL Holders
Other Fee: $25.00 Receivers and Frames

We offer Type I (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun) firearm transfers for $25 (Pistols are $30 for Non-CPL Holders). Most shops in the area are charging $35 even up to $50 for the same service. We believe in building long term relationships with our customers, and are sure you will use us for all of your future firearm needs. Just contact us and we will email or fax our FFL out ASAP. Please note: Transfers are by Appointment Only. The fastest way to contact us is to send us an email to sterlinggunsmith@gmail.com Phone Number Toll Free: (855) FFL4YOU or (855) 335-4968

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